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What Clients Are Saying About PhysioFITT

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“I am so happy I am that I joined the PEAK program. I am usually very active but needed help to keep going. The teaching was informative and helpful but the exercises were what have really worked for me! Making a plan, sticking to it, and documenting my progress has worked wonders for me. I would highly recommend PEAK to anyone with osteoarthritis to help them get moving, lessen their pain, and feel stronger!”
Jason’s physiotherapy expertise helped me recover from many nagging injuries and perform at the top of my game. I recommend PhysioFITT to those athletes who have been injured and need to get back to their sport quickly and safely.



“Working with Jason has been a pleasure. Highly professional, incredibly knowledgeable, but more importantly his treatments work, and his post-treatment exercise routines helped me heal faster. I highly recommend Jason and the PhysioFITT experience.”


“After I injured my knee, Niki was able to accurately diagnose the issue and teach me a variety of specific exercises that were remarkably effective and very quickly yielded positive results. With her guidance I feel I have become stronger than before my injury, and I am looking forward to a better season of skiing and cycling than I would have had before. I also found the online PhysiApp platform to be useful in developing a daily therapy routine.”


“I have worked with a number of physiotherapists since having a stroke 17 months ago. Beth has proven herself by her dedication to be very competent and knowledgeable. She actually listens to my concerns and has helped me to reach for the goals I have set for myself. Beth is very personable and I highly recommend her as a PhysioFITT therapist.”



“I have worked with Christian for two separate issues related to my climbing. Both times I was incredibly impressed by how knowledgeable he was. He was able to quickly diagnose the source of my problems and show me some exercises that had me climbing and training hard again in no time.”


“I had experienced debilitating neck pain for many years. I sought help from many different people but it never had a lasting effect. I got the call to see a surgeon but I decided I would see Christian first and within a handful of treatments he changed my life. I cancelled the appointment with the surgeon and actually started playing soccer again the next season, something I never thought I’d be able to do again.”



“Timely, personal, professional care in my own home, it doesn’t get any better than that. Beth has been able to provide me with exercises to help me recover and to teach me how to strengthen muscles in my body that need to be active to allow me to live with age related degeneration. She is an accomplished physiotherapist, a pleasant lady, a mentor”