About Us

Our Story

PhysioFITT physiotherapists have many years of experience and have seen the profession evolve slowly over time. Traditional business approaches and historical clinical practices have not always kept pace with innovation and technology. High quality physiotherapy must be accessible, affordable, flexible, technology enabled and patient-centred. As a result, we have taken a new approach to offering in-home and online physiotherapy services that allow us to focus on the PhysioFITT values with the ultimate goal of achieving the best possible patient and physiotherapist experience of care.

Our Approach

The traditional approach to physiotherapy suggests that a person must visit a clinic to receive service. The world is changing rapidly and innovations in rehabilitation and technology are allowing us to take a different approach. PhysioFITT is about providing physiotherapy services where and when patient needs them. The patient determines the location of services (such as home, pool, work, gym, or the park) and the way physiotherapy will be delivered (online or in-person). Ultimately, our approach allows therapists to avoid the busyness and stress of high patient turnover and simply spend more time with the patient.

Our Values

Excellence in Customer Service

We go the extra mile – you can expect the PhysioFITT experience to be exceptional. Our therapists are easy to contact, happy to answer questions in between appointments, and will ensure your physician or health care team are well informed.

Cultural Safety

At PhysioFITT, we prioritize your safety, respect, and value. Our therapists are dedicated to honoring your cultural identity and beliefs within your rehabilitation, offering culturally sensitive care. We respectfully acknowledge our services are provided on the traditional, unceded lands of the Ktunaxa people, underlining our commitment to cultural humility and community respect.

Patient Centered

You are in the driver’s seat. You decide the location of the service and whether it is online or in person. During our extra-long appointments, PhysioFITT therapists have time to discuss your situation in detail and, with you, design a treatment plan that works. Without overlapping patients, our focus is entirely on you. Your whole appointment is spent one on one with a physiotherapist – we believe this is the best way to help you achieve your goals.

Exceptional Access

Our flexible schedules allow us to meet you when it works for you. Traditional office hours do not apply to PhysioFITT. By meeting you in the location of your choice, we take the worry of accessibility, childcare, or travel out of the mix.


We want to equip and empower you to become independent in self managing your condition. You can expect us to take the time to teach you about solutions and self-management strategies. We only recommend follow up appointments when absolutely necessary.

Engaged and Energized Therapists

All PhysioFITT therapists love their work. We believe happy and energetic therapists provide better patient care. Our business model allows therapists to spend more time with each patient and, as a result, see fewer people in a day. You can expect each of our therapists to be engaged, focused, and motivated during your entire appointment.