Online Physiotherapy (Tele-Rehab)

Online physiotherapy, also known as “tele-rehabilitation”, is a unique way of accessing PhysioFITT services through a computer, tablet or smartphone rather than in person.  This type of visit looks and feels a lot like Skype or FaceTime yet with some added features to ensure that the visit is secure and private.   This can be a convenient and flexible way for patients to access the physiotherapy services they need.


At PhysioFITT, we want to ensure that patients receive the high quality, safe, and appropriate physiotherapy services.  That’s why we are careful with how and when online physiotherapy visits are used.  The PhysioFITT physiotherapist will gather some information from the patient prior to proceeding with an online physiotherapy consultation to ensure that the patient’s needs can be best met in a online format.  In some cases, the physiotherapist may need to see the patient in person, at least on the first visit, to accurately reach a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.  Yet, there are many situations where an online appointment works well right from the start.


To book a free 10 minute “Is Physio Right For You?” video chat, go to the booking page and schedule a discussion with one of our therapists.  To learn more about the PhysioFITT therapists that offer tele-rehab services, click here!