PhysioFITT Bits – Episode #1

PhysioFITT Bits – Episode #1

Hello PhysioFITT Subscribers!  Welcome to the first episode of “PhysioFITT Bits“!  PhysioFITT Bits is a short snippet of useful information about wellness, health, fitness and rehabilitation delivered monthly directly to your inbox.  We gather, summarize, and share this information so you don’t have to go looking for it.  We promise to keep it short…and relevant!

Please feel free to send this email along to your friends and ask them to subscribe to PhysioFITT Bits on our homepage (near the bottom of the page).

For the PhysioFITT Bits kick off, check out this insightful article written by Christian on how to stay active through the winter.

Lastly, big news!  PhysioFITT is officially offering in-person physiotherapy services in Invermere!  If you know anyone in Invermere who may need a physiotherapist to come to their home – please send them this newsletter.  We would love to connect with them!

And, with that, together let’s stay FITT for Life!